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Snells Dental, Implant and Fastbraces Centre is a 3 chair state-of-the-art dental practice located in the beautiful town of Snells Beach, just 45 minutes drive from Auckland CBD. It is located in the newly furnished Medical Centre and is a sister branch of Matakana Dental Care.

Our aim is to provide high quality and affordable dentistry in a caring and compassionate environment. Our dentists provide a full scope of general, preventative, surgical and cosmetic dentistry. We believe that quality care starts with taking the time to listen to and educate our patients so they can make informed decisions about their dental health.

We also believe in the power of a great smile. A bright and radiant smile can highlight your personality, give you more confidence, help you feel younger, and make the people around you feel happier. At our new Snells Dental premises, we endeavour to help you achieve this.

The addition brings some of Matakana Dental’s unique services to the centre, not currently offered in the area, including intravenous sedation, dental implants Fastbraces®, and Invisalign®.

The sedation puts patients into a deep sleep but leaves them aware enough to follow instruction, making it ideal for larger procedures.

Snells Dental also offers ‘Fastbraces®’ which are around half the price of conventional braces and take almost half the time to straighten teeth.

Dr Jain, Principal dentist and provider, says fast braces are a good solution, however an assessment is required to determine whether they are appropriate for a patient’s individual needs.

The practice also offers Invisalign® retainers which straighten teeth without the need for braces and has been very popular with the adults. The system makes use of clear aligners and patients do not have to go through the phase of wearing metal or ceramic brackets and wires.

Our new clinic will be served by the same staff, and patients will receive the same service they have been comfortable with over the last three years at Matakana Dental.


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